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Visual Regression Testing Lightning Talk
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Visual Regression Testing Lightning Talk

This repository is the code sample to go with my lightning talk on Visual Regression testing.

The talk is available at:

I am working on a longer version of the talk. It will contain a complete sample project rather than just test files. If you'd like updates, please follow this repository.

Running Tests

  1. You will need JDK installed for selenium to work (brew cask install java)
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run npm run selenium (Leave this running while running tests)
  4. Run npm run test
  5. Kill the selenium process

To Do:

  1. Add es-lint to the repository
  2. Create an es-lint rule that prepareBaseImage must be false to prevent merges that would create false positives.
  3. Make it possible for tests and true images to live in sub-folders together.
  4. Fork the comparison software/maintain it?
  5. Import allure support
  6. Import puppeteer support
  7. Add tests
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