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The word list behind Letterpress. Loosely based on a collection of other word lists with refinements from real-world feedback. I hope this is useful for other word-based-app makers, and as a way to improve Letterpress.


Contributions are welcome! A few guidelines:

  • Keep diffs short. One word (or word+pluralization/conjugation-variations) at a time is probably best.
  • When proposing an addition, links to definitions in established dictionaries are required. (Wiktionary is very liberal, and cannot count as primary evidence).
  • Same rules as Letterpress (and other similar games), no proper nouns, acronyms, etc. (The list does have a few acronyms and abbreviations, but those may remain for historical reasons as they've been allowed in other popular word games).
  • Until a rule is devised that governs them, esoteric and domain-specific words may be rejected.


Each language should be in a sorted, UTF-8 encoded file "Words/[ISO 639-1 code].txt".

English Notes

US, UK and Australian spellings are combined. Generally speaking, if it's allowed in another popular word game like Scrabble, it should be allowed in Letterpress. ( is a great resource to verify).

Other Useful Lists