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A skeleton Javascript project with an auto-build, auto-test harness implemented with NodeJS
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This is a project skeleton for development of an agile client-side Javascript library. 

- Sprockets for building Javascript files, allowing complex code hierarchies at development time.
- Jasmine for testing, which gives a nice RSpec-like test suite syntax and makes no expectations of where the tests are run (in-browser vs CLI vs Selenium/CI)
- NodeJS for auto-build and auto-test functionality:
  - watches source files to auto-build the project
  - watches spec files to auto-test the project

- Sprockets (
- Jasmine (
- NodeJS (

To invoke the auto-harness, run:
node autotest.js

And start the TDD cycle!

- find a way to watch for file-change events in Node that doesn't rely on polling (highly ineffecient, bad for hardware)
- watched files are only updated after a refresh, so newly created source files won't be seen until the build process runs again (ditto new spec files and the test process)
- factor the autotest.js code into separate files
- autotest strategies (Sprockets, Jasmine) should be overridable with the build/test tool of the users choice
- expand the types of tool strategies available: minification, obfuscation, optimization, documentation, gzip
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