A giant, robotic scorpion with gatling guns hanging off of it.
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Fan Art in 3D

I was inspired to make this giant, robotic scorpion with gatling guns by the Wasteland 2 guys. I Kickstarted this game this spring and they started cranking out concept art, some of which includes such a robotic scorpion. It's set as my desktop wallpaper, so the last time I needed a 3D-modeling/printing challenge I found it staring me in the face. So, I dusted off my Tinkercad skills and set to work...


All told, this is about 15 separate prints. The pieces have little male/female affordances so that it goes together easily, just needs a little superglue. And I took the hobby knife to the gnarly bits to smooth things up. (A dremel tool sanding would be better, but that's for V2.)

I primed it "desert yellow" and set about painting it. The guns are silvery of course, I also mixed up a deeper, more vibrant yellow for the carapace and a dark green for the underbelly. Then I dry-brushed it with a bright yellow (not the best effect because the print lines are pretty obvious in places) and splashed on a quick-shade.


All told it probably took about 20 hours of modeling, printing, and painting, but I could make new ones in more like 5 or 8 hours. Not "worth my time", strictly speaking, but boy was this fun!