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# This file should contain all the record creation needed to seed the database with its default values.
# The data can then be loaded with the rake db:seed (or created alongside the db with db:setup).
# Create some Brewers
omar = Brewer.create(:name => 'Omar')
lern = Brewer.create(:name => 'Lern')
northern_brewer = Brewer.create(:name => 'Northern Brewer')
# Give them some Recipes
moose_knuckle = Recipe.create(:name => "Moose Knuckle",
:description => "Medium-bodied, sweet brown ale with delicous caramel overtones") << moose_knuckle << moose_knuckle
banana_hammock = Recipe.create(:name => "Banana Hammock",
:description => "Over-the-top wheat beer. Heavy in the mouth, heavy in the thong") << banana_hammock << banana_hammock
exploding_tripel = Recipe.create(:name => "Exploding Tripel",
:description => "Duck and Cover! This uber-sweet brew explodes in approximately 30 days.") << exploding_tripel << exploding_tripel
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