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If you wish to read the documentation for the older version v4, please refer to the v4 branch, the migration path will be available in the relevant discussion

All the projects related to zora, the testing library

  • zora: the testing library
  • zora-assert: the assertion library behind zora(unpublished)
  • zora-reporters: a set of reporters (can be used as a CLI)
  • pta: A test runner (used with a Command Line Interface) for Nodejs environment

The repo also comes with

  • a pseudo benchmark which shows the testing experience with various testing framework
  • a list of recipes to get started with different environments (node, browser, typescript, etc)


Zora is one of the lightest (if not the lightest), yet one of the fastest Javascript testing library (if not the fastest).

Its design principles follow the line:

  • Runs with any Javascript environment (Nodejs, Deno, Browser ): you don't need any specific test runner to run your testing program, it is just a regular javascript program
  • Is fast and simple: a small codebase achieving the best performances to deliver the best developer experience
  • Follows the UNIX philosophy: a set of focused, composable small software to deliver the best flexibility with the minimum overhead, rather than a huge monolith hard to tweak, with a large set options.


If you wish to contribute to the project, please refer to the guidelines