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For an usage example see HowTo or a complete Demo.


  • Options
  • Events

Syntax and options:

   var myImageTip = new MooImageTip(options);
  • options (object, optional): Initial options for the class.
    • offset: An object like {x: 16, y: 16} (default), that specify the distance of the tip from the mouse cursor.
    • className: Class name of the links to parse (default "imagetip").
    • tipId: ID for the tip element, for styling (default "mooimagetip").
    • follow: If TRUE (default) tip will follow mouse cursor movements.
    • fx: An object for additional Fx options (tip fade in/out).
    • source: Attribute name in which you place the image URL (default "data-image").


  • shown(me, tip): Fires when the tip is shown. me is the MooImageTip object, tip is the created element.
  • hide(me): Fires when mouse the tip is completely faded out. me is the MooImageTip object.
  • hiding(me, tip): Fires when tip is starting to hide. me is the MooImageTip object, tip is the tip element.


  • getTipId(): Gets the tip element ID.