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Zen Coding NetBeans plugin

This plugin is deprecated and not developed further.
Please use Emmet for NetBeans instead.

Provides support to HTML/CSS Zen Coding in NetBeans.
CSS abbreviations are expanded also in SCSS, LessCSS and SASS files.

Download the plugin here: org-lorenzos-zencoding-1.1.nbm.



  1. Download the plugin here.
  2. Open NetBeans IDE (6.9.1 or newer) and go to Tools > Plugins.
  3. Select tab Downloaded, click Add plugins... and search for downloaded nbm file.
  4. Click Install button, follow instructions and restart NetBeans IDE.

How to use

Expand abbreviation

Fill a HTML/CSS code line with Zen syntax, then press CTRL+ALT+N, or click the toolbar button, or go to menu Edit > Zen Coding > Expand Zen code, or press Alt+Insert and choose Expand Zen Code.

Match Pair

Just press CTRL+ALT+M or go to menu Edit > Zen Coding > Match Pair.

Wrap with Abbreviation

Select something, press CTRL+ALT+W or go to menu Edit > Zen Coding > Wrap with Abbreviation, then insert a Zen code abbreviation in the input popup.

Merge Lines

Select multiple lines, then press CTRL+ALT+L or go to menu Edit > Zen Coding > Merge Lines.

Also available in the Edit > Zen Coding menu:

  • Remove Tag
  • Split/Join Tag
  • Toggle Comment
  • Go to Next / Previous Edit Point
  • Evaluate Math Expression
  • Increment / Decrement number by 1 / 10 / 0.1

These actions have not a default keyboard shortcut. You can edit NetBeans shortcuts in Tools > Options > Keymap. Here is a guide.

How to report bugs

If you find any bug or defect, report it to me here.

About Zen Coding