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How to customize Zen Coding shortcuts

You can edit Zen Coding shortcuts in NetBeans if don't like default ones.

Open Tools > Options dialog from the NetBeans main menu (1) and select KeyMap tab (2).


Search for a Zen Coding action (3, 4), double click it, type new shortcut on your keyboard (5) and then type Enter.


Click Ok on the option dialog and enjoy your customized shortcuts.

Available actions

  • Expand abbreviation
  • Match Pair
  • Wrap with Abbreviation
  • Merge Lines
  • Remove Tag
  • Split/Join Tag
  • Toggle Comment
  • Go to Next Edit Point
  • Go to Previous Edit Point
  • Evaluate Math Expression
  • Increment Number by 1
  • Decrement Number by 1
  • Increment Number by 10
  • Decrement Number by 10
  • Increment Number by 0.1
  • Decrement Number by 0.1

Installation and usage

See file.

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