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Autocomplete widget that extends jQuery UI 1.8 using the Google Maps API v3 to give users an interactive map with which to explore suggestions

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Geocoded Autocomplete
Written by: Lorenz Sell | @lorenzsell |
With inspiration from:

This plugin used Google Maps API v3 to extend the jQuery UI 1.8 Autocomplete widget to provide geocoded autocomplete suggestions with an interactive map.


#mapwindow - this is where the Google Map will load
#mapframe - this contains the window that loads the Google Map.  I couldn't get the z-index to work properly when applied directly to the mapwindow, that's why there's the extra mark up
#mapaddress - this is the address string to be geocoded


(I usually hide these two fields through CSS and reference them programatically)
#filter_lat - geocoded lat results returned from Google
filter_lng - geocoded lnt results returned from Google


Everything can be custom themed from the CSS file EXCEPT FOR the menu item width which is set in the main .js file.
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