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Awesome & Marvelous Amas Awesome

(from famous developers with more than 500 followers)

AMA → Ask Me Anything

Sindre Sorhus had the great idea to create a list of Amas. But since Amas on GitHub are becoming pretty popular, his list is becoming bigger and bigger. This makes it harder to separate the legends from the generic ones. That's why I forked the repo and removed all developers with less than 500 followers. As the other list grows, I will also keep mine up-to-date. Make sure to check the complete list once you've worked through this list.

I've also added a list of questions from these developers. So if you watch this repo, you'll get notified of new questions.

Ask these people anything!

Ask these organizations anything!

  • Edenspiekermann - Design agency based in Berlin and around the world.

  • Code Monkey Health - Helping developers and others with tips, tricks, recipes and programs focused on Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Food LEAF.

  • Ruby Taiwan - Helping developers in Taiwan with any questions. Can ask in English or Chinese.

  • DevOps Taiwan - Helping DevOps engineers with any questions.

  • Vim Taiwan - Helping vimmers in Taiwan with any questions.

Create your own AMA!

Fun: AMAs is a recursive acronym.



To the extent possible under law, Sindre Sorhus has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.