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@@ -36,13 +36,13 @@ Set up your SSH key if you haven't yet:
Then, run this one-liner:
bash < <( curl -s )
bash < <(curl -s
Follow the on-screen instructions to load RVM in your shell, and make sure you can run the rvm command.
Install the latest version of Ruby and some useful gems:
bash < <( curl -s )
bash < <(curl -s
Use gEdit for your text editor. You can [customize it with these instructions](
@@ -51,7 +51,6 @@ What it sets up
* SSH public keys (for authenticating with services like Github and Heroku)
* Homebrew or apt-get (for managing operating system libraries)
* Git (for managing versions of code)
* Ack (for finding things in files)
* Postgres (for storing relational data)
* Redis (for storing key-value data)
@@ -62,6 +61,6 @@ What it sets up
* Rails gem (for writing web applications)
* Heroku gem (for interacting with the Heroku API)
* Taps gem (for pushing and pulling SQL databases between environments)
* SQLite and PG gems (for making Ruby talk to SQL databases)
* Postgres gem (for making Ruby talk to SQL databases)
It should take between 20-60 minutes for everything to install. (depends on your machine)
It should take between 30 minutes for everything to install, depending on your machine.

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