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Online store with the ability to manage product specifications and inventory as well as allow customers to browse and purchase products.
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How to install:

0) Install git/git bash
1) Install nodejs latest release
2) Go to ./Backend in cmd or git bash
3) run "npm install" to install dependencies. 
	-Every time a new dependencies is added you will have to run this command again.
	-When install new dependencies with npm install add --save so it will be added to package.json

How to build and run:

0) Go to ./Backend in cmd or git bash
1) run "npm run grunt" to compile
2) run "npm start" to start the server


1) npm install webpack -g
2) npm install
3) webpack
4) npm start

DBSetup: download newest version of postpressql. use pg admin4 to make a db called DBpixelperformance with the superuser password being "admin" Run the sql found in DBinitialization.sql

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