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@@ -525,6 +525,13 @@ Safety-II: performance variability rather than bimodality
Hollnagel proposed the Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM) for modeling
complex socio-technical systems.

#### Four abilities necessary for resilient performance
* respond
* monitor
* learn
* anticipate

### Concepts
* ETTO (efficiency thoroughness tradeoff) principle
* FRAM (functional resonance analysis method)
@@ -554,6 +561,8 @@ complex socio-technical systems.
* [Epilogue: Resilience Engineering Precepts](
* [Resilience Engineering: New directions for measuring and maintaining safety in complex systems]
* [Resilience Engineering]( (web essay)
* [RAG - Resilience Analysis Grid](
* [Resilience engineering in practice: a guidebook]

[Resilience Engineering: Concepts and Precepts]:
@@ -721,8 +730,10 @@ political science researcher.
Pariès is the president of [Dédale](, a safety and human factors consultancy.

### Selected publications
* [Resilience engineering in practice: a guidebook](
* [Resilience engineering in practice: a guidebook]

[Resilience engineering in practice: a guidebook]:
### Selected talks

* [Predicting The fatal flaws: The challenge of The unpredictable...](paries-keynote-2015.pptx)

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