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Expand Up @@ -383,7 +383,7 @@ Jens Rasmussen was a very influential researcher in human factors and safety sys


#### Boundary of acceptable performance
#### Dynamic safety model

Rasmussen proposed a state-based model of a socio-technical system as a system
that moves within a region of a state space. The region is surrounded by
Expand All @@ -395,17 +395,26 @@ different boundaries:

![Migration to the boundary](boundary.png)

Source: [Risk management in a dynamic society: a modelling problem]

Incentives push the system towards the boundary of acceptable performance:
accidents happen when the boundary is exceeded.

Source: [Risk management in a dynamic society: a modelling problem]

#### AcciMaps


### Concepts
#### Risk management framework

![Risk management framework](risk-management-framework.png)

Source: [Risk management in a dynamic society: a modelling problem]

### Concepts
* Dynamic safety model
* Migration toward accidents
* Risk maangement framework
* Boundaries:
- boundary of functionally acceptable performance
- boundary to economic failure
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