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Sample Application - mobile client written in ClojureScript
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Sample Application - mobile client written in ClojureScript

Note! This the "Single Page" client implementation for the "Book Club Site" project. The dev-1.0 branch corresponds to the Ruby on Rails server implementation located here: (

Also see [my blog article "Leveraging ClojureScript."] (

For folks who are following my blog, I am tagging the dev-1.0 branch as proj-v1 "Client for ROR server implementation"

Branch dev-2.0 is the client for the corresponding [book-site-jpa] ( server implementation. The corresponding server is implemented in a stack of Java, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, H2 database, and Jetty Web Server.

Feature branch "update-to-cljs-version-1.10.x" updates the client to the latest clojure (1.9.0), clojurescript (1.10.x) and Java (11) versions. In addition replaces the deprecated test utility with [doo] (

Add test utility (doo) dependencies: $> npm install karma karma-firefox-launcher --save-dev $> npm install karma-cljs-test --save-dev

Run new doo utility test runner $> lein doo once

Clean build

$> lein clean

Build the client app

$> lein cljsbuild once

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