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Color scheme like my favorite singer ayumi-hamasiki.
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*ayumi.vim* A color scheme for vim. The color style just like my favorite
            singer ayumi-hamasiki. It also support colors defined by
            HighlightTag plugin like bandit.vim.

Author:     lorry.lee <>

Copyright:  (c) 2012-2013 by lorry.lee             *ayumi-copyright*
            Permission is hereby granted to use and distribute this code,
            with or without modifications, provided that this copyright
            notice is copied with it. Like anything else that's free,
            the ayumi plugin is provided *as is* and comes with no
            warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. By using
            this plugin, you agree that in no event will the copyright
            holder be liable for any damages resulting from the use
            of this software.

            The screenshot file:

            I use HighlightTag plugin to parse c functions.

            The font is Bitstream_Vera_Sans_Mono:h10:cANSI.

            If you are writing use c you may notice I use plugin
            cSyntaxAfter to display the operators. But the color of
            _Block is written in cSyntaxAfter plugin, so I change
            cSyntaxAfter to match _Block "{}" as _Bracket because
            it's too light to see it.
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