Expand `dbg` to the correct debugger statement for the current file.
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Stop Sign

Expand `dbg` to a line of debugging code that stops your program.


A lot of people develop muscle memory with vim, so having a standard abbreviation that’s not specific to any filetype allows you to use that abbreviation all the time without thinking about it.

Changing what `dbg` is replaced with

You can add support for a new filetype (or override the default for a supported filetype) with the following code:

let g:stopsign_replacements = {
    \ 'javascript': 'debugger;'
    \ }

A few notes about this:

  1. You don’t need to specify filetypes you’re not changing (this is merged with the defaults, it doesn’t overwrite them)
  2. If you think this abbreviation might be useful to others, check if it’s already supported, and make a pull request! (see CONTRIBUTING for more info).

Don’t like `dbg`?

If you want to abbreviate something other than `dbg`, simply set:

let g:stopsign_trigger = 'stop'


Working on the execellent vim-niji and working with vim-endwise has helped me learn more vim script. Thanks to both of those authors.


Copyright © Joshua Hoff. Same license as vim itself. See: http://vimdoc.sourceforge.net/htmldoc/uganda.html#license Or `:help license` from within vim.