Notebooks and support code for the FOSS4G 2017 workshop "Analyzing large raster data in a Jupyter notebook with GeoPySpark on AWS"
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FOSS4G 2017 Workshop: Analyzing large raster data in a Jupyter notebook with GeoPySpark on AWS

This repository has the following components:

  • ingest: Scala GeoTrellis code that was used to ingest the landsat, CDL and NLCD data used in the workshop, along with the Makefile to run the ingests on EMR.
  • emr: The Makefiles and code to work with the workshop clusters, including modifying and uploading the notebooks for the workshop.
  • exercises: Reference, Exercise and Solution notebooks that are run as part of the workshop.

Running an Workshop EMR cluster

To run this, you'll have need awscli installed, with the AWS_PROFILE account being able to interact with EMR through aws emr.

Configure emr/, based on emr/

Create clusters

Run make create-clusters. This will create some number of clusters, the count of whic can be controlled by the CLUSTER_COUNT property in emr/

Copying Notebooks to your EMR cluster

Use the Makefile here for copying up the workshop notebooks.

# Copy the reference notebooks and exercies
make copy-references
# Copy the exercise 1 solution
make copy-exercise-1-solution
# Copy the exercise 2 solution
make copy-exercise-2-solution
# Copy the exercise 3 solution
make copy-exercise-3-solution

Other makefile commands

See emr/Makefile for other commands to temrinate the cluster, etc.