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Add the heroku_cedar scaler to the readme.

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@@ -37,15 +37,18 @@ config.after_initialize do
-There are two other scalers included but generally these will be chosen for you based on if its running on Heroku
+There are three other scalers included. Note that if you are running on the Aspen or Bamboo stacks on Heroku and you don't explicitly specify the scaler, the heroku scaler will be used automatically.
Delayed::Job.scaler = :heroku
+Delayed::Job.scaler = :heroku_cedar
Delayed::Job.scaler = :local
The local scaler uses @adamwiggins rush library to start and stop workers on a local machine
+The heroku scaler works on the Aspen and Bamboo stacks while the heroku_cedar scaler only works on the new Cedar stack.
h2. Note on Patches/Pull Requests
* Please fork the project, as you can see there are no tests and at present I don't know how to go about adding them so any advice would be welcome.

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