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@@ -48,17 +48,10 @@ gem "workless", "~> 1.0.1"
If you don't specify delayed_job in your Gemfile workless will bring it in, most likly the latest version (3.0.1)
-Add your Heroku username / password as config vars to your Heroku instance, the same one you log in to Heroku with.
-[You may also use your API key as the password](
+Add your Heroku app name / [API key]( as config vars to your Heroku instance.
-heroku config:add HEROKU_USER=yourusername HEROKU_PASSWORD=yourpassword
-And for cedar apps add the app name
-heroku config:add APP_NAME=yourherokuappname
+heroku config:add HEROKU_APIKEY=yourapikey APP_NAME=yourherokuappname
## Failing Jobs

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