a delayed job is getting locked by workless before it's done (locally) #24

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Hi. I thought this was due to issue 16, but it seems to be locking jobs while there are others in the queue. However, once workless locks a job, the jobs that follow in the queue do not run.

Again, I've only run into this locally. Could having multiple workers running be causing the problem? Does this seem like it would cause an issue on Heroku (production)?

My machine is on OSX Lion. I'm running Workless (1.0.2) on a Rails 3.2.6 app (with 2 workers specified in the Procfile, one set to a unique queue) and am loading DelayedTask and setting DJ to use the local scaler in my development.rb file =>

config.after_initialize do 
  Delayed::Job.scaler = :local

Procfile contains this =>

web: bundle exec unicorn -p $PORT -c ./config/unicorn.rb
worker: env QUEUE=* bundle exec rake jobs:work
workerdump: env QUEUE=dumps bundle exec rake jobs:work

I test via Foreman and am using Unicorn as my Rails backend/rack server.

I made a photo of what the DJ table looks like when the error is initiated.

Occasionally, I've also run into this error due to Workless locally =>

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: NoMethodError: undefined method `result_error_field' 
for nil:NilClass:

In any case, if you need more information, let me know. All help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Is this still a issue with the latest version? Or can this be closed?

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