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Lostcast Episode 13: OS Xcellence

Lostcast is our podcast about HTML5 games. In episode 13, we talk about all kinds of crazy crap, from our GitHub woes to the recent Mozilla game BrowserQuest. But primarily I drill Geoff on how/why his OS X experience is really quite streamlined (and better than mine!).

About the photo: We've decided we're taking shots before every Lostcast, since it loosens us up and gets the conversation flowing easier. While we didn't drink mojitos, that is Mojito's head coming in from the right. But no Geoff had Maker's Mark and I had what I call a mini White Russian? Or a White Russian shot? I'm sure this already exists…

Download Lostcast episode 13 (57:41, 66MB)

Show notes

Thanks for listening! We love getting questions and comments, so please email us if you have any.

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