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title: Onslaught! Arena is free on Valentine's Day
author: matt
<a href="">
<img alt="Onslaught! Arena roses" src="">
Love it or hate it, <strong>Valentine's Day</strong> is a day about expressing love ... and giving gifts!
To celebrate and to show our love for the indie gamers out there, we're making <a href="">Onslaught! Arena FREE on the Chrome Webstore</a> for <strong>today only</strong>.
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<img alt="Onslaught! Arena heart icon" src="">
Normally <strong>$1.99</strong>, this is a great chance to save some cash for your sweetheart (or hey, for yourself!) while still getting to have some retro fun. So please <strong>help spread the word</strong> on <a href="!/lostdecadegames">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a> and happy monster slaying!
<h2><a href="">Get Onslaught! Arena FREE</a></h2>
Happy Valentine's Day!
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