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Onslaught! Arena

Fight off hordes of classic medieval monsters in this fast paced arcade shooter!

You are Xam, a seasoned fighter. Defeat wave after wave of ruthless enemies such as goblins, cyclops, evil wizards, sandworms and more! Luckily you've got all manner of deadly weapons in your arsenal: swords, daggers, spears, battle axes and even balls of fire!

If you live long enough, you'll earn the right to challenge some of the most fearsome monsters around including a vicious dragon and the menacing Beholder!!

How long can you survive the arena?!


Onslaught! was originally created for the "Games Inspired by Music" competition held by Boing Boing.

After some additional spit and polish it was entered in the Freeplay Awards.


These guys made this:

Geoff Blair: Programming & Design Matt Hackett: Art, Design & Additional Programming Joshua Morse: Music & Sound Effects


GPL (General Public License). You can distribute modified versions of the source code, but they must also be open source under the GPL. The game assets (graphics, music, etc.) can be redistributed for free, but cannot be resold without our permission.

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