Nuget at work

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NuGet can be used to share work between teams in the Enterprise. Treat it like a binary packaging / sharing system to collaborate between teams. Share common libraries.


  • NuGet.Server
  • NuGet Gallery
  • ProGet : internal enterprise NuGet hosting, multiple package feeds, LDAP integration, SymbolServer integration (host your PDB files outside your packages)
  • MyGet : NuGet package feed hosting on the Internet


  • TeamCity : acts as a NuGet server for any build that has a .nupkg artifact.
  • Octopus Deploy : uses NuGet as a unit of deployment
  • NuDoc : documentation of nuget packages (XML)


Alternative approaches for common code in a shared library

  • Git submodule : peg a folder against a particular commit, use ***.cs in your .csproj file to automatically include all files in the subfolder (although VS loves to blast this away if you try to manipulate this folder in the Solution Explorer.
  • Code only packages : use NuGet to inject internal-only code helpers or things that are too small to be their own assembly. Don't expose these outside the assembly or you could have versioning issues.
  • Ripple