What is stopping you from launching your side project or great idea?

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What stops us?

  1. Time
    • Adjust your priorities
    • Begin coding to get in the mood for coding
    • Get people to code with you
    • If you're coding for yourself it doesn't have to be the prettiest code in the world
    • Find a balance between nice code and code that pisses you off to work on later... Code that you angers you to work on can effect follow through
  • Lack of resources
    • Online freelancers
    • Offer internships to people who need them
    • Collaborate with others
  • Legal fear (moonlighting)
  • Fear of being judged/it not being finished
    • "It's never done"
    • Closed betas
    • Invite groups of people who might be interested from forums and such
    • Psudonyms - Hide your real life identity
    • "Haters gonna hate"
  • Nobody cares?
  • Distraction
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of structure (not knowing where to start)
  • Premature optimization
  • Not wanting to fail
  • Financial security
    • Risk aversion - To be successful you need to invest resources, but this can be difficult for financial security
    • Realize that the time you've invested has already actually been a lot of money (your time is worth money!) and so putting more money isn't as bad as you think...especially if you believe in it.
    • The best way to learn is to try. "The first time will probably fail, so make it cheap."
    • Try reading marketing books to help you learn how to sell yourself - they'll teach you how to brand your produt too
  • Lack of passion
  • Lack of follow through
    • Peer pressure
    • Get a partner - be accountable to someone else

What are your blockers?

  • No resources / Finding talent
  • Perception of "not good enough"
  • Fear of poor code / being in the spotlight
  • No time
  • No discipline when working on own projects
  • Enterprise culture against moonlighting
  • Tried before and failed
  • Lack of security (where's my next paycheck)
  • Distractions
  • Finding a project that you're passionate about
  • Follow-through / Finishing
  • Financial risk-aversion
  • Need interaction to keep interest
  • Not knowing where to start

How can we counter these blockers?

No resources / Finding talent

  • Use online freelancers
  • If you're in city with major universities, consider offering an internship
  • Collaborate w/ competitors?
  • Talk to people in the community

Perception of "not good enough"

  • Deploy a closed beta
  • Create feedback groups
  • Afraid of ruining a reputation? Consider testing the waters with a pseudonym.
  • Reset your expectations of market reaction
  • "Haters gonna hate"
  • Is the criticism valid? That's a good thing. Take it in stride and improve your product.

No time

  • "No time" means you consider it a lower priority
  • Block time out to work on it
  • Starting is the biggest hurdle
  • It can feel like you need a big chunk of time to start, when really that is just an excuse. Start small.
  • Utilize Coworking sessions. It's easier to make time if you commit to working in a group setting, even if everyone is working on different things.

No discipline

  • Tendency to skip parts

Financial risk-aversion

  • Set a budget. Contribute small amounts.
  • Read marketing eBooks. Understand the small steps that are needed to create a marketing/advertising plan.
  • Consider partnering w/ an evangelist for equity
  • Make a plan
  • There's a perception of advertising as "scumbaggy". Be genuine.

Follow-through / Finishing

  • Use it internally
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