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Faraday Changelog

For newer changes, please see


  • Refactor Net:HTTP adapter so that with_net_http_connection can be overridden to allow pooled connections. (@Ben-M)
  • Add configurable methods that bypass retry_if in the Retry request middleware. (@mike-bourgeous)


  • Add HTTPClient adapter (@hakanensari)
  • Improve Retry handler (@mislav)
  • Remove autoloading by default (@technoweenie)
  • Improve internal docs (@technoweenie, @mislav)
  • Respect user/password in http proxy string (@mislav)
  • Adapter options are structs. Reinforces consistent options across adapters (@technoweenie)
  • Stop stripping trailing / off base URLs in a Faraday::Connection. (@technoweenie)
  • Add a configurable URI parser. (@technoweenie)
  • Remove need to manually autoload when using the authorization header helpers on Faraday::Connection. (@technoweenie)
  • Faraday::Adapter::Test respects the Faraday::RequestOptions#params_encoder option. (@technoweenie)