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You can run the test suite against a live server by running script/test. It automatically starts a test server in background. Only tests in test/adapters/*_test.rb require a server, though.

# setup development dependencies
$ script/bootstrap

# run the whole suite
$ script/test

# run only specific files
$ script/test excon typhoeus

# run tests using SSL
$ SSL=yes script/test

We will accept middleware that:

  1. is useful to a broader audience, but can be implemented relatively simple; and
  2. which isn't already present in faraday_middleware project.

We will accept adapters that:

  1. support SSL & streaming;
  2. are proven and may have better performance than existing ones; or
  3. if they have features not present in included adapters.

We are pushing towards a 1.0 release, when we will have to follow Semantic Versioning. If your patch includes changes to break compatibility, note that so we can add it to the Changelog.