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Find file Copy path
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# frozen_string_literal: true
module Faraday
class Response
# RaiseError is a Faraday middleware that raises exceptions on common HTTP
# client or server error responses.
class RaiseError < Middleware
# rubocop:disable Naming/ConstantName
ClientErrorStatuses = (400...500).freeze
ServerErrorStatuses = (500...600).freeze
# rubocop:enable Naming/ConstantName
def on_complete(env)
case env[:status]
when 400
raise Faraday::BadRequestError, response_values(env)
when 401
raise Faraday::UnauthorizedError, response_values(env)
when 403
raise Faraday::ForbiddenError, response_values(env)
when 404
raise Faraday::ResourceNotFound, response_values(env)
when 407
# mimic the behavior that we get with proxy requests with HTTPS
msg = %(407 "Proxy Authentication Required")
raise, response_values(env))
when 409
raise Faraday::ConflictError, response_values(env)
when 422
raise Faraday::UnprocessableEntityError, response_values(env)
when ClientErrorStatuses
raise Faraday::ClientError, response_values(env)
when ServerErrorStatuses
raise Faraday::ServerError, response_values(env)
when nil
raise Faraday::NilStatusError, response: response_values(env)
def response_values(env)
{ status: env.status, headers: env.response_headers, body: env.body }
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