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pda commented Aug 29, 2012

Cane was failing for two separate reasons:

Methods exceeded maximum allowed ABC complexity (2):

  lib/faraday_middleware/rack_compatible.rb  FaradayMiddleware::RackCompatible#prepare_env  13
  lib/faraday_middleware/rack_compatible.rb  FaradayMiddleware::RackCompatible#restore_env  11

Classes are not documented (1):

  lib/faraday_middleware/response/chunked.rb:5  Chunked

The former has been fixed by extract-method refactoring in 37641f1.

The latter might be a bug in cane, but is resolved by adding example usage documentation in d5548bc.

pda added some commits Aug 29, 2012

Basic extract-method refactoring of RackCompatibility.
Reduces maximum ABC complexity to below 10 as measured by cane.

Previously #prepare_env had a complexity of 13, and #restore_env had a
complexity of 11.

This pull request fails (merged 37641f1 into 9b7c8c6).


pda commented Aug 29, 2012

Failed due to Travis VM powering down:

I'm sorry but an error occured within Travis while running your build.
We are continuosly working on test run stability, please email if this error persists.
Below is the stacktrace of the error:

Error: #<NativeException: org.virtualbox_4_1.VBoxException:
  The function "powerDown" returned an error condition:
    "The virtual machine is being powered down"  (0x80bb0002)>

@mislav mislav closed this in 3dedd42 Aug 29, 2012


mislav commented Aug 29, 2012

The error in chunked.rb was due to Cane bug. I locked Cane down to v1.x

We tolerate the ABC complexity errors in rack_compatible for now.

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