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Command line tool for ordering from Erberts and Gerberts ( I'm serious.
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Erberts and Gerberts Command Line Interface

##Using this is simple.

Step 1. Make sure you have Ruby, watir-webdriver, and Firefox installed.

Step 2. Create an account on Erberts and Gerberts.

Step 3. Create a config.json with the following fields filled in:

    "email" : "",
    "password" : "Secret",
    "payment" : {
        "accountnumber" : "0000 0000 0000 0000",
        "seccode" : "000",
        "CCType" : "1",
        "month" : "10",
        "year" : "2020",
        "cardname" : "JOHN DOE",
        "cardstreet" : "123 Fake St.",
        "cardcity" : "Cityville",
        "cardstate" : "MN",
        "cardzip" : "00000",
        "cardphone" : "123 456 7890",
        "ConfPhone" : "123 456 7890"

NOTE: Never store config.json on a public repo! It is under .gitignore and should stay that way.

Step 4. Create an orders/default.json file with your "usual" Erberts and Gerberts order and delivery address filled in (use orders/example.json and menu.json as a guide) NOTE: Make sure you use an address within the Erberts and Gerberts delivery area. The script will fail on orders outside of delivery range.

payment type supported: "credit card", "pay on delivery"

sandwich options supported: "no mayo"

sandwich bread supported: "french", "wheat"

soup size supported: "cup", "bowl"

Step 5. ruby erbs.rb (this will place the default.json order)

Step 5. If you have allow payment set to true the script will take you to the payment page and fill in the information you provided. NOTE: The script will not actually place the order, you must manually click continue! If you have allow payment set to false you will have to complete the rest of the process manually.

Step 6: Enjoy your sandwich, AND your time savings!

Using multiple order files: You can create multiple order files and store them in orders/. To use an alternate order file type ruby erbs.rb alternate_order_file_name.json in Step 5. If no order file is provided the script will always fall back to orders/default.json.

Full disclosure: I don't work for Erberts and Gerberts. I am in no way affiliated with Erberts and Gerberts. I just like their sandwiches.

Known issues:

  • This script is architected like an amateur Rubyist wrote it in a couple hours.
  • There should be testing of some kind.
  • There is only basic error handling.
  • Many menu options are not yet supported.
  • Occasionally the Erberts and Gerberts website hangs and the script will fail. That could probably be handled better.

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