Jekyll powered website for Northwood United Methodist Church in Esko, MN.
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Northwood United Methodist Church in Esko, MN -

General Notes:

This site is powered by Jekyll and hosted through GitHub pages at If you have any questions about this website please contact

The look is based on "Business Casual" by Start Bootstrap.

Developer Notes:


This site is intended to require as little maintenance from the church staff and the developer as possible. All of the pictures are being pulled from the church's existing Facebook page. The bulletins, newsletters, and documents are coming from an IFTTT recipe that pulls them out of a gmail inbox and puts them in a public dropbox folder. YQL is then used to scrape out the contents of the dropbox folder. See this file for more information.

Connected Accounts


Starting a local Jekyll instance

  1. Install jekyll: gem install jekyll

  2. Clone this repo: git clone

  3. cd into the repo: cd eskomethodist

  4. Test the application by serving it locally: jekyll serve

  5. Verify that you can see your jekyll project running at localhost:4000/

If the above process doesn't work, try bundle exec jekyll serve --baseurl '' this might help with versioning and compatibility issues. If you get a json 1.7.7 issue try bundle update json see here for more.

Deploying to Production

  1. cd into the project repo: cd eskomethodist

  2. Checkout the gh-pages branch: git checkout gh-pages

  3. Push directly to the gh-pages branch git push origin gh-pages (or merge a commit into gh-pages on GitHub)`