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A complete re-implementation of OpenBSD's doas that's extremely more robust

doas is a utility that is aimed to replace sudo for most ordinary use cases. Ted Unagst's, an OpenBSD developer, explained why He originally wrote it in his blog post: doas - dedicated openbsd application subexecutor.

The gist is that sudo is hard to configure and does a lot more then the standard user needs.

doas was created in order to replace sudo for regular folks like me and you.

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Why Another Port?

doas only targets OpenBSD, and lacked features that I felt were missing from it and sudo as well.
Furthermore, all ports I looked at weren't production ready & poorly written.

Instead of creating my own port, I decided to re-write doas and create a new version that fixes the issues I care about.

Project Goals

  • Secure. User's must not be able to abuse the utility, and it should protect the user from making stupid mistakes.

  • Easy. The utility should be easy to audit, to maintain, to extend and to contribute to.

  • Friendly. Rule creation should be straight forward. Rule should be easy to understand and easy to debug.

  • Powerful. Rules should be short, concise and allow find-grained control.

  • Feature Parity. This project should have complete feature parity with the original utility.

To achieve these goals, the following design decisions were made:

  1. The whole project was implemented in modern C++
  2. Explicit is better then implicit (for instance, rule commands must be absolute paths)
  3. Prefer using the standard library when possible - for the sake of security and maintainability.
  4. Commands are globs, which allows to use the same rule for many executables.
  5. Arguments are PCRE-compliant regular expressions, which allows to create fine-grained rules.

Getting started

pre-compiled .deb and .rpm packages are uploaded on each release.


The project is currently available in a Copr:

$ sudo dnf copr enable odedlaz/suex
$ sudo dnf install -y suex

You can also build it from source:

$ git clone
$ sudo dnf install -y cmake pam-devel elfutils-devel rubygem-ronn gcc-c++
$ mkdir -p suex/build && cd suex/build && cmake .. && cd ..


The project has a pre-compiled deb available at the release page.

You can also build it from source:

$ git clone
$ sudo apt install -y cmake libpam-dev libdw-dev ruby-ronn g++ rpm
$ mkdir -p suex/build && cd suex/build && cmake .. && cd ..

[!] A PPA is coming soon.


[!] coming soon...

Project Status

The project is in beta and will be until it reaches the 1.0 milestone.
I don't expect any major features to be added until then.

In order to reach 1.0 the project must:

  1. get a good-enough unit & system test coverage.
  2. pass a professional security audit.
  3. have a continuous test & integration pipeline.
  4. be available on major client distributions, i.e: Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch
  5. have both an faq & examples page that have quality enough content in them


The main author is Oded Lazar


I gladly accept contributions via GitHub pull requests.

If you are interested in contributing but not sure where to start, feel free to contact me.

Once I feel this method is not effective anymore, I'll probably open a slack / irc channel.