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Hexo will add extra space of continous lines with CJK characters.


will result in

.....中文结尾 中文顶格...
             `- note the space here

This plugin will fix that.


$ npm install hexo-filter-fix-cjk-spacing --save

If you want to disable this plugin, add the following line in your _config.yml:

fix_cjk_spacing: false

Note that Hexo' marked.js uses GitHub flavored markdown which will parse every line break in markdown into <br>. Use the following to disabled it:

  breaks: false

The problem

In markdown, if we write several lines continuously, it will be parsed as a whole block:

line 1
line 2
line 3

// will be parsed as

<p>line 1
line 2
line 3</p>

That means line breaks are kept and all the three lines are treated as a whole paragraph.

However, the browser will convert the line break in a <p> into a single space, so when we see the previous content in a browser, it will look like:

line 1 line 2 line 3

That is OK except when we use Chinese. There is no concept of space in Chinese, so when we write:


// will show as

中文第一行 中文接上行
//        `- not the space here

It is really frustrating! So there are two major solutions:

  1. Fixing the markdown parsing code to treat it correctly.
  2. Write the whole paragraph in a long line.

The first option is actually not so pratical. This 'bug' exist for so long and still not fixed. The second will be so boring and un-friendly.

So here comes our solution with hexo: Write a filter to merge chinese lines automatically before parsing!

The use case

Only the following situation are dealt with:

...<chinese character>[should contains no spaces]
[zero or more spaces|tab]<chinese character>


// are modified to
//           `- note no space here

Note that the content in fenced code block will not be changed. But indented code blocks will be changed


Join continuous CJK lines in markdown in Hexo.




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