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Web crate for the Legend of the Green Dragon core.
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GraphQL API Crate for LotGD

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This is a basic wrapper (called a crate) around the Legend of the Green Dragon core. It provides a modern interface for clients utilizing GraphQL.

Getting Started

To create a compatible development environment, follow the Vagrant setup instructions in the core README.

Once you have the VM setup, start the server like any other Symfony application:

php bin/console server:run

By default, this binds the server to, the local loopback IP. If you're using some kind of VM setup (like Vagrant) you'll want to have it bind to

php bin/console server:run

In this case, I've explicitly specified port 8000 and that port would need to be forwarded to your host machine to access it here.

To test it out, visit http://localhost:8000/graphiql/ on your local machine.


To send a GraphQL query to the server, use the endpoint at /, instead of the typical /graphql. For example, if you started the server on locahost port 8000, then POST queries directly to `http://localhost:8000'.

General GraphQL Schema

While this is not a working schema as GraphQL describes it, it is a human-readable version of it.


Realm {
  url               string           URL of the realm
  name              string!          Name of the realm
  description       string           Description of the realm
  configuration     Configuration!   Realm configuration

Configuration {
  core              Library!         Details about the core
  crate             Library!         Details about the crate
  modules           [Library]        List of details of installed modules

Library {
  name              String!          Name of the library
  version           String!          version number, conforming to semantic versioning
  library           String!          Technical name of the library, in vendor/package format
  url               String           Access URL of the library, i.e., location of its code
  author            String           Author, or list of authors, of this library.

Session {
    apiKey          String          ApiKey for this session.
    expiresAt:      String          Date this session expires at.
    user:           User            The user account associated with this session.

User {
    id              String!         id of the user
    name            String!         name of the user
    characters      [Character]     A list of characters belonging to this user.

Character {
    id              String!         id of the character
    name            String!         Name of the character
    displayName     String!         Display name of the character (with title and colours).

Viewpoint {
    title           String!         Scene title
    description     String!         Scene text
    template        String          Template this scene is based on
    attachements    [String]        A list of attachments.
    actionGroups    [ActionGroup]   A list of actions groups.

ActionGroup {
    id              String!         id of the group
    title           String!         title of this action group
    sortKey         Int!            Sorting weight
    actions         [Action]        List of actions.

Action {
    id              String!         id of the action
    title           String!         title of the action.


  • Realm
  • Session
  • User (query id or name)
  • Viewpoint (query characterId)
  • Character (query characterId or characterName)


createPasswordUser {
                    Used to create a new user who authorizes via mail/password

    name            Name of the user account
    email           E-Mail used for this account
    password        Plain password for this account

authWithPassword {
                    Used to authorizes with mail/password

    email           E-Mail of the user account
    password        Password for this account

createCharacter {
                    Used to create a new character for a given user.

    userId          id of the user who's the owner of this character
    characterName   Chosen name for the character

takeAction {
                    Takes an action

    characterId     id of the character for taking the action
    actionId        id of the action that gets taken.
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