Scripts to analyse large Git repositories.
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original readme:

Git Repo Analysis Tools

Git can become slow if a repository exceeds certain thresholds (read this for details). Use the scripts explained below to identify possible culprits in a repository. The scripts have been tested on macOS but they should run on Linux as is.

Hint: The scripts can run for a long time and output a lot lines. Pipe their output to a file (./ > myfile) for further processing.

Large by File Size

Use the script to identity large files in your Git repository that you could move to GitLFS (e.g. using git-lfs-migrate).

Use the script to identify certain file types that you could move to GitLFS.

Large by File Count

Use the and scripts to identify directories with a large number of files. These might indicate 3rd party components that could be extracted.

Use the to identify directories that have been deleted and used to contain a lot of files. If you purge all files under these directories from your history then you might be able significantly reduce the overall size of your repository.