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2b284aa debug output
3 successful , 1 cancelled , and 1 failing checks


ran May 5, 2019 in less than 20 seconds

2b284aa by @lotharschulz




### STARTED 20:37:16Z

Already have image (with digest):
fc613b4dfd6736a7bd268c8a0e74ed0d1c04a959f59dd74ef2874983fd443fc9: Pulling from gct-12-zoftwseau3cusc1ceqigrwv/39b9359fccc383ead9aa1c882106a702e7446bcaf4930aa6bf5c2b861dbe030a/64be108fd2393563f0e8b5c272ca26a34b5b0f6d5b9802f30f65caf0b6c3ff0d
bdf0201b3a05: Already exists
38f114998adb: Already exists
21134b1a9e68: Already exists
1826484332dc: Pulling fs layer
a124bc45399b: Pulling fs layer
e1147593372b: Pulling fs layer
52312ebbec84: Pulling fs layer
52312ebbec84: Waiting
e1147593372b: Verifying Checksum
e1147593372b: Download complete
a124bc45399b: Verifying Checksum
a124bc45399b: Download complete
52312ebbec84: Verifying Checksum
52312ebbec84: Download complete
1826484332dc: Verifying Checksum
1826484332dc: Download complete
1826484332dc: Pull complete
a124bc45399b: Pull complete
e1147593372b: Pull complete
52312ebbec84: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:c222f8e740f9c0affb826336bae0496085f5c82e5b0fc4b11bf9e5c08e97e8ae
Status: Downloaded newer image for
Step 1/7 : FROM docker:stable
stable: Pulling from library/docker
bdf0201b3a05: Already exists
38f114998adb: Already exists
21134b1a9e68: Already exists
1826484332dc: Already exists
a124bc45399b: Already exists
e1147593372b: Already exists
Digest: sha256:b580bf0ba4b5ebfac0092a96eda1ae8b44a8581fe9f8e5fe772d7568df1db9dc
Status: Downloaded newer image for docker:stable
 ---> c76999e4396c
Step 2/7 : LABEL "com.github.actions.color"="black"
 ---> Running in 2c97c31188d9
 ---> c8e414aca9d0
Step 3/7 : LABEL ""="Docker GitHub Action"
 ---> Running in 2cf9c3c33fa4
 ---> 2a9f9c7bcff4
Step 4/7 : LABEL "com.github.actions.description"="Docker CLI wrapper"
 ---> Running in 5e43aba4cd2c
 ---> ec78e8b43c8c
Step 5/7 : LABEL "com.github.actions.icon"="package"
 ---> Running in 3b63f21b5770
 ---> 9525e0e23d51
Step 6/7 : COPY /
 ---> 7afa85db2b07
Step 7/7 : ENTRYPOINT ["/"]
 ---> Running in 81be52f59281
 ---> 25cfa9c8c571
Successfully built 25cfa9c8c571
Successfully tagged
Already have image (with digest):
/ export: line 7: test,: bad variable name

### FAILED 20:37:26Z (10.816s)
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