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github pages based on sphinx

With calling the sphinx-2-gh-pages-converter shell script you can publish your sphinx based documentation to github pages. The documentation will be available following this pattern:


(e.g. enables pages automatically if a gh-pages branch exists: gh-pages recognition


  • git repository exists in current directory
  • sphinx files are part of master branch
  • git remote is defined
  • permissions to pull, push are granted to the user executing the script
  • os package manager is apt-get
  • python, pip is installed

Project notes

apt-get install python-sphinx #sudo apt-get install python-sphinx
pip install sphinx_rtd_theme #sudo -H pip install sphinx_rtd_theme
pip install sphinx-autobuild #sudo -H pip install sphinx-autobuild
Project setup
sphinx-quickstart # followed all default but set names and author
# edits as described in
# a sample index.rst file
# .gitignore from
# generate docs locally
sphinx-build -b html . _build
sphinx-autobuild . _build --open-browser # opens built docs in browser

Blog Post