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import argparse
from IPython.parallel import Client
import numpy as np
import os
def compute_pi(n_samples):
s = 0
for i in range(n_samples):
x = random()
y = random()
if x * x + y * y <= 1:
s += 1
return 4. * s / n_samples
def main(profile):
rc = Client(profile=profile)
views = rc[:]
with views.sync_imports():
from random import random
results = views.apply_sync(compute_pi, int(1e7))
my_pi = np.sum(results) / len(results)
filename = "result-job.txt"
with open(filename, "w") as fp:
fp.write("%.20f\n" % my_pi)
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("-p", "--profile", required=True,
help="Name of IPython profile to use")
args = parser.parse_args()
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