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These scripts are for analysing the data of an experiment on prestige-biased social learning, run via the "Dallinger" experimental software. The experimental scripts can be found at The preprint for the corresponding paper can be found here

The file "data_info" includes an explanation of all of the variables in the data files and the full_data file, and where they come from.

The file "data_inputting.R" converts the jSon scripts from all the datafiles in the raw_data_files folder into one large database

The file "dallinger_data_cleaning.R" cleans this file and creates new variables, subsets and dataframes to be used in the analysis scripts - culminating in full_data.csv

The file "analysis_script.R" includes all the analysis models and their corresponding predictions, this can be reproduced if dallinger_data_cleaning.R is run first (full_data.csv is the saved dataframe from line 113 of dallinger_data_cleaning.R) some plots are also produced in this file.

The folder "results" contains a summary of the main results, some descriptives in "results_prelim" and some detailed results from model4.2, this was during confusion over the use of a_bar in these models (see

The folder "plots" contains many exploratory plots and some plotting script, although some plots are created in the analysis_script.R

The file "score_check.R" includes code that double-checked our score and copying variables were calculated correctly

The folder "Follow_up_experiment" contains code that explores the within and between topic scores and behaviour, in preparation for our second experiment

The folder "reviewer_responding" includes scripts that helped deal with some reviewer comments


data cleaning and analysis scripts for upcoming Dallinger experiment






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