Bash shell script-turned-Mac-service for batch processing using Guetzli
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Guetzli Mac Service

This is a Mac service created from a bash shell script for batch processing using Guetzli

If you prefer a GUI and more options for batch processing (multi-thread), check out polyg0netic's GuetzliConverter

⚠️ IMPORTANT: The script and service assume that Guetzli was installed with Homebrew via brew install guetzli which by default installs it into the path /usr/local/Cellar/guetzli/1.0/bin/guetzli. If you unarchived into another location, substitute that location in the script/service instead.

Tip: On Mac, GZLI_Default.workflow is seen as a "file" (though it is a folder structure, just like Mac .app files) that can be opened/edited in Automator or installed into Services. You can enable/disable services and mess around with them in Mac > Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services

Usage: To use, download this repository and in the release folder, when opened on Mac, the .workflow file will be available. Double-click the file to install, or open with Automator for further editing. When it installs this way, it installs by default to /Users/*username*/Library/Services

License: None / Open / Do-whatever-you-want-with-it

Disclaimer: The user assumes all responsibility for use of these files

Possible Updates:

       Post-run report with elapsed time and file-size difference