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"""Loads tests from components
All files inside loaded components are imported and any classes
derived from unittest.TestCase are then referenced from this file itself
so that they appear at the top level of the tests "module" that Django will
import os
import types
import unittest
from common import component
test_names = []
for name, loaded_component in component.loaded.iteritems():
test_dir = os.path.dirname(loaded_component.__file__)
for filename in os.listdir(test_dir):
if filename != "":
# Import the test file and find all TestClass clases inside it.
test_module = __import__('components.%s.%s' % (name, filename[:-3]),
{}, {},
for name in dir(test_module):
item = getattr(test_module, name)
if not (isinstance(item, (type, types.ClassType)) and
issubclass(item, unittest.TestCase)):
# Found a test, bring into the module namespace.
exec "%s = item" % name
# Hide everything other than the test cases from other modules.
__all__ = test_names
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