Allow to create an atlas from images or atlases. Work with openfl (haxe)
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Haxe - Openfl library to help merge images or small atlases into one atlas.

Based on the as3 TextureUtils library from TreeFortress.


  • Merge dynamically images into one atlas with Sparrow xml format.
  • Merge dynamically small Sparrow atlases into one atlas.

Merge two or more Sparrow atlases

//prepare assets
var atlas1:TextureAtlas = TextureAtlas.loadFromLibrary("img/pack1.png", "img/pack1.xml");
var atlas2:TextureAtlas = TextureAtlas.loadFromLibrary("img/pack2.png", "img/pack2.xml");
var list:Array<TextureAtlas> = [atlas1, atlas2];
var builder:AtlasBuilder = new AtlasBuilder();
//build from atlases
var finalAtlas:TextureAtlas = builder.buildFromAtlas(list);

Or create an atlas from images

var finalAtlas:TextureAtlas = builder.buildFromIndividual([new Bitmap(Assets.getBitmapData("img/image1.png")), new Bitmap(Assets.getBitmapData("img/image2.png"))] );

Then you can use with tilelayer

var tilesheet = new SparrowTilesheet(finalAtlas.atlas, finalAtlas.fileRaw);
var layer:TileLayer = new TileLayer(tilesheet);


  • do something when atlas bigger than expected
  • other file format