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Python3 script to sync the radio's clock with your computer via CAT commands
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Python3 script to sync the radio's clock with your computer via CAT commands.

At the top of the script are a few variables you'll have to set. The serial device name your 7300 is at, a GMT offset if your computer clock is set to local time and you want the radio on GMT. The rest of the script is commented and should be self-explainatory.

You can run it manually from the terminal, or set it up as a cron job to automatically update the radio clock at an interval.

After downloading the script, you'll need to mark it as executable. From the terminal, you can do this with the following command. chown +x {script name} From most desktops, you can right-click on the script and select properties. Under the permissions tab, there should be a check box to "allow executing as a program".

To make the script accessible system wide, you can copy it, as the root user, to the /usr/bin directory. sudo cp ./{script name} /usr/bin

When run, the script will get the current time of your computer, wait for the top of the minute at 00 seconds, and set the radio's time.

There is a demo video on my you tube channel. Search you tube for KB9RLW python to find it, or copy the video link below.

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