A Tooltipster plugin to help browsing through a series of tooltips
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Discovery is a Tooltipster plugin to help browsing through a series of tooltips. MIT license.

The idea is that if you hover over an element which makes a tooltip appear, and then move to an adjacent element also with a tooltip, there should be no "closing" and "opening" animations. The first tooltip closes and the second one opens immediately. This is useful when you have a row of adjacent elements, and a user wants to "browse" the tooltips of each one.

The behavior offered by this plugin is exactly the one demonstrated on Tooltipster's documentation page in the Grouped tooltips section.


Include the plugin file in your page AFTER the Tooltipster file.

        <script type="text/javascript" src="tooltipster/dist/js/tooltipster.bundle.min.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="tooltipster-discovery/tooltipster-discovery.min.js"></script>


Add a common class name to the tooltips you wish to group, for example 'grouped':

        <span class="tooltip" title="vegetable">Carrot</span>
        <span class="tooltip grouped" title="Fruit">Cherries</span>
        <span class="tooltip grouped" title="Fruit">Oranges</span>
        <span class="tooltip grouped" title="Fruit">Apples</span>

Initialize your tooltips as usual:


This plugin only works for the tooltips which use the 'hover' trigger (specifically the mouseenter or touchstart open triggers).

Discovery will have created a group core method. Use it to create a group based on the 'grouped' class name:


And that's it, it should work.

To restore the normal behavior of the tooltips, just call the ungroup method:


You do not have to declare the Discovery plugin in the options of the tooltips, because it works at Tooltipster's core level only, not at the instance level.

Thanks to @matthew-dean for the idea of this plugin!