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Terminal for iOS


Download on the App Store
(Previously called Terminal for iOS)

Swift Platform: iOS Build Status
Twitter Donate via PayPal


OpenTerm is a sandboxed command line interface for iOS.

Commands included:

awk cat cd chflags
chksum clear compress cp
credits cub curl date
dig du echo egrep
env fgrep grep gunzip
gzip help host link
ln ls mkdir mv
nc nslookup open-url pbcopy
pbpaste ping printenv pwd
readlink rlogin rm rmdir
say scp sed setenv
sftp share sleep ssh
ssh-keygen stat sum tar
tee telnet touch tr
uname uncompress unlink unsetenv
uptime wc whoami


To set up dependencies, run


Open OpenTerm.xcworkspace, change the bundle identifier to an identifier linked to your Apple developer account in order to run. Build using the OpenTerm scheme.

Running on device

To run on a device, you will have to run, but first change iPhone Developer: Louis D'hauwe (5U7B95VS8G) with the name of your own certificate.


OpenTerm is available under the GPLv2 (or later) and the MPLv2 license.

See COPYING for more license info.