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BBC iPlayer is a mobile web app redesign of BBC iPlayer featuring popular shows using the TVDB API.
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About the Project

Following on from the SilverNote project, we were assigned to create a mobile web app prototype for BBC iPlayer. We divided the website into eight sections and took two each. Once the skeleton was created, I worked on the carousel and search areas.

As it was a mobile app, the carousel had to be touch-friendly so I used the plugin, Flickity which was easy to use and very customisable. When the TV Show section was complete, it was integrated together so clicking on a cell showed metadata from the TVDB.

Originally, the search section was meant to be a prototype because our host, Github Pages didn't allow databases. However, I was still determined to get it work. I used a mixture of jQuery and JavaScript to create a dropdown menu with filterFunction which would narrow down search results when typed. I also added a check in jQuery to see if search history already exists and add the name of the show visted underneath it.






Search Demo

A demo of the search functionality of the app


Useful Links 🔗

Mobile Web App

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