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Java Jukebox Software
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The Iron Juke

Some (currently quite basic) jukebox software created as a Birthday present for a friend of mine. It’s a little basic, but it might be useful to someone! It’s been found to work really well for house parties with a computer wired to the TV and the sound system and a Wireless keyboard to select songs (or, just a computer set up in the corner!)


Release Notes V2.0.0 (In Progress)

 - Now supports any screen resolution (and will add albums to fill the screen)
 - Will now try to take track names from the ID3 tag, instead of the filename
 - Press 'R' to queue a random song
 - Press 'Alt + C' to skip the current song
 - If an album contains more songs than can be shown at once, album will be split into parts
 - Now uses maven to build and package
 - All code now commented! :)

Roadmap V2.0.0

 - Number pad numbers are not recognised.
 - Selecting track '00' will play entire album
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