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zygospore lets you revert C-x 1 (delete-other-window) by pressing C-x 1 again


Click the gif then select "raw" for fullscreen



Install from MELPA: M-x package-install RET zygospore RET

Test it out with M-x zygospore-toggle-delete-other-windows RET (twice, on a frame with multiple windows)

To make it permanent, add this line to your init.el:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-x 1") 'zygospore-toggle-delete-other-windows)

Not so useful information

I was inspired by the same functionality that is present out-of-the-box in tmux, and which I use a lot to momentarily "zoom in" on a buffer. Check out my tmux config for the same thing with the same binding in tmux.

Of course it can be replicated by C-x 1 C-c <left arrow> (winner-undo) but why 2 bindings when you could toggle?!

This is my first attempt at making a tidy package for Emacs while providing a hopefully useful command, sorry if you came here looking for a next-gen dynamic language auto-completion ;)

Why zygospore?

From wikipedia:

A zygospore remains dormant while it waits for environmental cues, such as light, moisture, heat, or chemicals secreted by plants. When the environment is favorable, the zygospore germinates, meiosis occurs, and haploid vegetative cells are released.

Ah, sweet poetry of nature.

In Emacs, that means putting the windows displayed in a spore formation to let them return with a subsequent C-x 1 environment (a.k.a "favorable environment).


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